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Gooooo Delsea!

The hangout for Delsea students

Delsea Students
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This is a community open to anyone who goes to Delsea Regional Highschool or Middle School in Franklinville, New Jersey. It's a way for everyone to get together and talk about school, events, feild trips, or whatever's on their minds. It's a great way to connect with other kids from Delsea, and who knows, you might make a new friend or two. I hope everyone has fun!

1.) Please do not insert advertisements for any other personal community or website, this community is strictly for discussion of events dealing with Delsea Middle or High School, or for events in Franklinville or just South Jersey in general that may be for the benafit of the group. It's not that I dislike your website, but you can pimp your new communities on your own journal. However, if the community has to do with Delsea in some way, (example: the marching band community) then it will be allowed. If you want to tell everyone about it, please do it individually.

1.0) Also, if you are running for any sort of student government position, or anything else that requires voting, don't post bribes or push the members to vote for you. If they think you will be good for the job, they will vote for you.

2.) Do not put in whining entries, ("omg I'm so bored!" or "Ew Mrs._______ is such a-") No one wants to hear that. Everyone else has the same problems- that's for your own journal to discuss it in.

3.) This is not a personal dating community. I may actually create one one day, but for now- no personal profiles or anything like that. You know well what I mean. ("Hey, I'm new and I like long walks on the beach under the moonlight...")

4.) Please do not insult other students blantly, I dont want any feelings hurt.

5.) Do not post porn or anything that may be suggestive to students who visit this community. Remember that kids as young as 11 may be visiting this website, and even if they claim to be mature enough, their parents may not think so. And who gets blamed? Me. -_-;

Any entries containing any of these will be deleted, and frequent breakings of these rules may result in banning you. I dont care if you're my best friend- no one gets away with it.